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Our favorite question:

Can my dog swim in the pool?

Sure, as long as your dog can swim. Keep in mind that when one dog swims in a pool, it is the equivalent of having 50 people swimming in your pool. Having said that, our two German Shepherds swim in our pool every day. Your choice!

Frequently Asked Questions
How soon can I swim after opening my pool?
3-5 days is recommended, depending on condition of pool upon opening.

When should I open my pool?
This is a personal preference; base this on when you want to use it or enjoy the site of it. 
There is no set time that is better than another.

After opening my pool, when can I turn on my pool heater?
We recommend to wait 3-5 days.
This time allows the chemicals to lower and gives the pool a chance to circulate. 
(This also helps reduce those chilly cold spots on the bottom of the pool!) 

How long do I run my filter pump?
Upon start up, we recommend 24/7. 
After that, we recommend 8-12 hours each day (based on a standard pump).

How often should I empty my skimmer(s) and pump baskets?
Empty both the skimmer and pump baskets 2x/day when pool is first opened.
When the baskets start to look cleaner, reduce to as needed.

When do I shock my pool?
We recommend 2x/month. Please do so when you can let the filter run over night and not use the pool for period recommended based on the product used. Please read and follow all manufacturers instructions. .

When do I need to backwash?
First, you will need to know your starting pressure. 
It is a good rule to backwash when the pressure increases by 10psi from the starting pressure. 
Make sure to backwash according to your filter's manufacturers instructions, usually found on the side of your filter tank.

How often should I check my pools chemical readings?
Every day, and especially after major storms.

On average, how much water will my pool lose each week?
Through normal evaporation, a pool will lose any where from .5" to 1.5" of water per week. 
This will vary with weather conditions, bather load, water features, lack of rain, etc.

Why do I see air bubbles coming into my pool through the wall returns?
Air bubbles coming back into your pool usually indicate a suction leak. 
Check to make sure your pumps lid is secure and it's o-ring is in place. 
If this does not correct the issue, please contact us at 610.469.POOL (7665)